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7 tips to use the hair straightener well

1. Unravel hair

You always have to pass the iron through your hair once we have untangled it. We must choose a brush suitable for our hair type to comb it a bit. You can see the one you need in our article: "A brush for each type of hair".

2. Heat protector

Before passing the iron, it is necessary to apply a heat protector throughout the hair, since, in this way, we reduce the damage produced by the iron in the hair.

3. Separate strands

To work better, it is important to separate the hair into strands and pass the straightener over each of them, so we avoid passing the straightener many times and the results are better.

4. Pass the iron slowly

If we iron a hair strand quickly, we will not achieve the desired result and we will have to make a second pass, harming the hair more. It is important to pass the iron slowly, to make it more effective and avoid second passes.

5. Softly

It is not necessary to press too hard when passing the iron: it is necessary to do it slowly, but in a gentle way, treating the hair with delicacy.

6. Do not use it daily

As much as you like the results of the iron on your hair, it is not good to use it every day. The iron works on the hair at a very high temperature and is an aggressive technique although we follow all the necessary care. Do not turn ironing into a daily beauty routine and leave the iron for special occasions.

7. To make waves

If you want to make waves and you do not have very clear how they are made, it is advisable that you look for a video tutorial before you can see the procedure. Throw yourself to experiment directly on the hair, it will make you pass the iron many times through the strands, with the damages that this entails for the hair.

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