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How to have perfect eyelashes?

Do you have dry, grouped, short, straight and unhealthy eyelashes? Fortunately, having the perfect eyelashes, taking care of them and making them look great on a date does not require science. Here we tell you the secret!

7 steps to take care of eyelashes?

Avoid rubbing the eyes: This can damage the eyelashes and irritate the follicles, causing the hairs to bend or fall.

Wash your face every day: concentrating on cleaning around the eyes. Use a mild face wash or moisturizing wipes to clean around the eyes and eyelashes, eliminating dirt, dust and grease, for healthy, shiny eyelashes.

Use less mascara: If you use mascara every day, the lashes will not grow as thick and full, as you would if you did not, since the hair needs to breathe. For best results, stop using mascara at all or use it from time to time. You can also buy a mascara made with softer and less artificial ingredients that do not hurt the eyelashes so much.

  • Never use a waterproof mascara, as it obstructs the hairs and is very difficult to remove safely.

  • When using mascara, always remove it before going to bed. Use a mild make-up remover or a moisturizing cream with cotton pads to completely, but carefully, remove all traces of the eyes.

  • Do not apply and remove the mascara applicator frequently, as it may cause it to dry out. If it is hard or the expiration date has passed, throw it away.

  • Never share mascara, as it transfers fat and possibly bacteria from one eye to the other.

Use an eyelash curler instead of mascara whenever possible.

There are many different brands and you can buy it anywhere you sell makeup. If you already have an eyelash curler, make sure that the soft rubber part is still there and has not fallen, as this can damage or tear the hair.

  • Hold the curler gently for 15 seconds in each eye.

  • Release the curler slowly and carefully to avoid pulling the hair.

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