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How to make up the eyelashes correctly

When we apply mascara we get everything: gobs, lumps, eyelashes together, stain the eyelid ... So that in the end your eyelashes are not what you expected. Quiet this has a solution, just follow these little tricks of application and using a mask that has a brush anti-lumps. Use GrandeLash MD and these tips that we give you so you can get make up your lashes with volume and without lumps.

Tips to make up eyelashes

Start by selecting the GrandeLash MD tab mask. This mascara with volume is applied in a simple and fast, but before you must be very clear some tricks to get the best results.

1. To start, we recommend you start with clean and perfectly cleansed eyelashes. No remains of previous mask. Use a biphasic make-up remover to leave them completely clean and hydrated.

2. Next, use a trick that very few know. Put some translucent powder on your lashes before applying the mask. Even if it sounds weird, you'll make them look longer and thicker.

3. Now, take your GrandeLash mask and start to make up the upper lashes. The correct form of application is in zig-zag starting from the root to the tips. It affects more in the tips! This way you will get volume in a big way, without lumps and you will cover the lashes as much as possible.

4. If you want to give more thickness to your lashes, apply the mask with an impact on the ends, both above and below.

5. For the lower area of ​​your eyelashes, be careful when applying them so as not to stain the lower area of ​​your eye. To get it the trick is in, once you've applied the mask, take a tissue folded in two, put it under your eye and blink quickly in all directions. It is very effective, since the handkerchief absorbs the excess product and you will not be able to stain the area of ​​the eyecup. Even so, then, retouch with the concealer.

6. Use waterproof masks on rainy days, when you go to the beach or pool or when you go to events where you need your makeup to remain intact all day; but for your day to day try to use other types of masks easier to eliminate.

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