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Do the eyelashes grow? The life cycle of your lashes

In this post you will find data on the hair of the eyelashes, how they grow, how they fall and how much it costs them to grow back. It is dedicated to all those women who believe that theirs are eternal and who spoil them out of laziness. Those who do not dedicate pampering and do not properly removes, who apply the mascara in any way.

If you think it's a harsh criticism, for me it's harder to see these girls who have discovered the mascara too early because fashions have gone crazy. They think that their youth will last them all their lives and that it is impossible to spoil them. Of course, it is an interesting information for all of us who like the world of beauty. The eyelashes do not stop being hair, that is to say, a group of hairs of similar characteristics and that fulfill a function: not only of having a feminine and pretty glance but the protection of the eye. I had not stopped to think how they really are and has no other secret than to be a hair follicle where a hair grows, like those of our hair. Yes, there on the eyelid. That there is more in the upper eyelid than in the lower eyelid is not any information that we do not know. The fact of having a more blond or brown color depends on the melanin that has touched you in the genetic lottery. The answer to the question, do lashes grow? is that yes. They grow although at their own pace, and it is much slower than the hair on the scalp. For an eyelash to reach its "adult age", about 10 millimeters or so, it will take 4-8 weeks. Do not keep looking at the mirror with the hope of seeing it grow because you will not be able to perceive it.

The growth cycle of the eyelashes is as follows: 1. Anagen Phase: the eyelash grows inside the hair follicle and this growth can last about 30-45 days. 2. Catagen Phase: the hair follicle contracts and the eyelash stops growing. There will be about 2-3 weeks looking like the best thanks to your beauty care. 3. Telogen Phase: I call it a period of hibernation. It is a time that can last up to 100 days during which the tab enters a resting state until it falls. That they fall is their natural life process. Before the process starts again, before it starts growing again, it will take about 2 months to wait. So much?. You are right. So let's take care of them the same way we take care of our hair. We use good products to make up and remove make-up. By the way, ultraviolet rays damage them especially.


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