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Eliminate The Brightness Of Your Face With These Simple Steps

Brightness Face

There are many causes of facial shine, among the best known are poor hygiene and eating habits, hormonal problems, stress, among others, that cause the sebaceous glands to be more active, causing a great reflection mainly in the nose , front and cheeks.

There are simple steps that can help you combat this problem, so take note:

1. Keep your face clean. At least you should wash your face twice a day to eliminate the excess fat that is on your skin, this way you will reduce the shine and your face will look more hydrated and fresh.

2. Use absorbent paper. You can get them in pharmacies, these will help you to remove excess fat from your face.

3. Apply moisturizing gel. Counteracts facial shine, but take care not to exceed the water level in its components.

4. Exfoliate your face. It is indicated to remove impurities and dead skin cells, so at least twice you must perform an exfoliation in your beauty routine.


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