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How bad for the health is to cut the cuticles of the nails?

A manicure makes us look beautiful and healthy hands, however, cutting the cuticles so that the nails look longer, can endanger health. Surely you have ever removed the cuticle with tweezers or scissors, but in doing so, you are eliminating a fundamental part of your hands. Why do not you cut the cuticles? According to specialists, the cuticle serves to protect the health of the hands, so that although it seems unattractive, it is necessary to preserve it. Experts say that "when you cut them, the wounds make you more susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections. When the skin around the nails is traumatized because you bite or cut the cuticles, bacteria or fungi can enter the wound. " The consequences? "An infection in the skin that typically shows in the form of redness, swelling, pain and sometimes pus", explains the specialist. According to dermatologists and specialist in nails, the cuticle is the natural protection of the nail, since it prevents water, humidity or organisms from entering it.

"The cuticle covers the most important part of the nail, the matrix" Likewise, trying to cut the cuticles can cause painful wounds, because by its location, it is very easy to cut too deep and hurt the skin. If it is already late and you cut your cuticles, they will grow back, although with an unpleasant appearance that will probably make you want to cut them again. So far from giving you a benefit, cutting the cuticles can damage your health, especially if you use tools to eliminate them that are not properly sterilized.

How to disguise the cuticles? Professionals recommend that instead of cutting and cause damage, you resort to other alternatives much healthier, such as cream to soften the skin or a hyssop that helps you push it a little to the bottom so it is not seen. Try to do it after bathing or washing your hands with hot water, so that the skin is softer and you avoid any injury. On the other hand, the products to remove cuticles are not recommended either, since they could damage the protective barrier due to the alkaline materials that they contain and that destroy the keratin of the nails. "Lime, polish and push the cuticles and then moisturize, hydrate and hydrate. Use moisturizing oil for cuticles and hand cream. Immediately afterwards, put a hot towel on your hands so that they absorb all the nutrients " We assure you that these options are much cheaper than going to do manicure and the best thing is that you will avoid an infection on your skin.


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