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How to care for combination skin Excellent Tips

Do you have dry skin in the area of ​​the cheeks and fat on the forehead? We give you the beauty tricks to balance your mixed skin.

We offer several of the best tips to combat the problems of one of the most common types of skin in the world: the mixed one.

How to know if I have mixed skin?

"To find out, use some anti-shine wipes. If your forehead, nose and / or chin (the famous T zone) accumulate a lot of fat, and your cheeks, on the other hand, tend to dry out, then you can say that you have mixed skin. "

What you need is to regulate the production of fat in the T zone, in addition to rehydrating the cheeks, following these tips: 1) Keep your products cold

"Instead of keeping them in the bathroom, do it in the fridge, because they are cold, they will reduce inflammation and redness of the skin at the moment of application, and guarantee a more balanced production of fat throughout the day" 2) Use different cleaners at different times of day

"Mixed skin needs a different kind of cleaning at every moment of the day. That's why I recommend you do it with a sparkling cleanser in the morning to remove the fat and then one with a night cream base, to replenish the humidity at the end of the day, "says the expert.

3) Choose your tonic thoroughly

Our expert states that the tonic is often a forgotten step in skin care, although it is truly important. Of course: not all tonics are the same, so to keep mixed skin in balance you have to look for those that are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory, compared to high in alcohol that can further dry your skin. 4) Take care of the T zone differently to the cheeks

"The different areas of the skin should be treated individually, so instead of using the same cream for the entire face, it is better to apply a cream to regulate the fat in the T zone to control the shine, and a cream of great hydration in the area of ​​the cheeks ", recommends the expert. 5) Try #multimasking

Keeping mixed skin at bay is not just a matter of cleaning, toning and moisturizing. It is also recommended to treat the skin with a mask. And just like you do with your moisturizer, use a low oil version in the T zone, and a more moisturizing on the cheeks, this is the famous multimasking. 6) Do not forget the sun protection

"Always, you should always use sunscreen. But choose one that suits your skin to be perfectly protected and not damage it, "says Koronczay.


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