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Learn to iron your hair without mailting it

We all wish to have a silky and shiny hair to show impact hair, unfortunately not only external factors can damage our hair but also some actions that we perform every day to look good, like, for example; dry it with a machine, curl it or iron with tongs.

Now, so that your hair is not hurt first you must take into account these recommendations; invest in a good ceramic plate take a look at our list of hair straighteners at the best price, and that is for your hair type, if you have enough hair and long, use a wide and heavy iron, if you have little hair with a thin plate of 1.5 cm will suffice.


1. Your hair should be dry and clean. Avoid using the tongs with wet hair so the indications tell you otherwise.

2. It uses thermal products in the hair to protect it from the high temperature. If your hair is wet and you use the dryer then apply the thermal product at this time.

3. Avoid the maximum temperature of the iron, it is better to regulate the temperature.

4. Start at the bottom of the head and take little hair, this way the ironing will be more even and you will avoid passing the iron twice.

5. Do not use the iron on a daily basis, you will only mistreat your hair. What you can do is use products such as shampoo and conditioner to straighten hair.

6. To finish you can use a little shine for your hair.

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