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Steps to paint the nails correctly

It is not an exact science, but knowing how to paint your nails or get a manicure requires a few simple steps to follow if you want the result to be satisfactory. If we also use some small tricks, we will make our manicure perfect, and lasting.

If you like to paint your nails assiduously, you may be interested in these steps to paint your nails correctly and achieve a professional finish.

Tricks before painting the nails

• Before you start you will have to make sure to eliminate all the rest of the old enamel that you may have on the nails. To do this, use a cotton impregnated with acetone and pass it through the nail always from the cuticle to the outside, because if you do it in the opposite direction you can stain the enamel skin and it will be more complicated to remove later.

• The next step would be filing your nails. You should know that there are different types of files and that some will adapt more than others to your needs. For example, for a complete filing you will be very good nail polishing blocks. These rectangle-shaped blocks contain a different and ordered filing function on each face: 1. filing, 2. smoothing, 3. polishing and 4. polishing. 4-sided manicure polishing block.

• They are mostly used to polish the surface of the nail and the result is quite remarkable if you compare it with the low cost of these files.

• Then, to file the edge of the nails and shape them, use a normal file of cardboard and file in a smooth way in one direction so that the nail does not open in layers and deteriorate.

• The next thing would be to remove the cuticles backwards (never cut them) with the help of a cuticle cutter or an orange stick. The cuticles are the skin that goes up over our nails and removing them will make the hands appear more stylized and will prevent them from filling with enamel when you paint your nails. There are products to help soften cuticles and remove them more easily.

• Finally, apply hand cream insisting a lot on the area that borders the nails so that it is well hydrated.

How to paint your nails well without staining

Once you have prepared your hands for the manicure proceed to paint the nails. Here comes the part that we like the most!

• In order to prevent the surface of the nails from damaging with the enamels, apply a first layer of base, you can also use a transparent glaze or nail polish. This layer usually dries quite fast.

• Choose your polish for the occasion and shake it to facilitate the impregnation of the brush (there is nothing worse than a brush that does not collect the enamel well !!)

• To help you apply the enamel without leaving the nail there is a little trick that will help you a lot; it is about placing the tip of the brush in the center of the nail and dragging it first to the bottom and followed to the tip by drawing a line. Then do the same on each side until you completely cover the surface of the nail. It is as if you divided the nail into three parts.

• If you have traces of enamel on your skin, a good trick to eliminate it is to pass over a cotton swab with acetone.

• Once you have painted the entire nail, we recommend brushing the brush horizontally along the edge of the nail. This little trick will make the enamel last more days without getting damaged.

• Once painted wait until they dry completely. There are some tricks for the nails to dry faster, such as, for example, putting them on for a couple of minutes under cold tap water. If you join two nails by the painted part and they do not stay stuck, it means that they are completely dry!

• For a more perfectionist result you can still apply some cuticle oil on them. Thus, all around your nails will be bright and you will avoid dryness.

If you know more tricks or steps to paint the nails correctly do not forget to tell us, we will be happy to know them.


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