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Wear an Impeccable Makeup Following These Rules

The makeup process is complex: it must be well thought out and planned. The idea is to highlight the most attractive features of the face and disguise the imperfections.

Next, we will share the tips so you can have an impeccable makeup.

1. Three essential steps

Clean, tone and moisturize the skin are the most important steps to wear a good makeup.

In the market there are a wide variety of products to clean and remove make-up, toning liquids and, above all, a wide range of creams of all brands and prices, depending on the skin type of the person.

But experts recommend visiting a professional dermatologist or cosmetologist if you do not know the type of skin or have a skin problem.

2. Sun protection

Some makeup bases have protection factors between 10 to 50 FPS, if you do not have those products you should use a sunscreen before the base of the makeup.

3. Elementary implements

The best thing is a good investment if it is about makeup, because as long as it is better the quality of the product will last longer. The main thing to have is a set of thick and thin brushes, cleaning elements, make-up base, shadow play, mascara for eyelashes and lipstick.

4. Visagism technique

Depending on the type of face, it will be decided which area to darken or illuminate. If the face has a square shape, it will darken the corners of the temples and the angles to the side of the chin, to give it an oval aspect. On the other hand, if it has an oval face, it does not have much correction.

It can hide the width of the nose darkening the sides and giving brightness to the center. Change the shape of the eyes if they are small makeup with eyeliner out from the edges of the eye and giving a clear tone on the edge.

5. Pigmentation of the skin

Depending on the tone of the skin will be the choice of cold or warm colors, making tests you can choose the one that most favors each face.

6. Makeup occasion

You have to take into account the place and time to decide what makeup to do. To go to work or studies, we recommend earth tones, makeup base to reduce imperfections or for color correction and light tones or only lip gloss.

For the evening or night, it is advisable to get blush and increase the degree of darkness of the makeup using strong tones for the lips and darker shadows in the eyes.

7. Makeup retouch

The specialist recommends a case with basic products to touch up makeup as many times as necessary. The more fat the skin has, the more touch-ups it will take.

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