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Your eyelashes: a seductive secret

A long, thick and curved eyelashes look very nice. They make the face fill with an innocent sweetness. This is because the eyes are the most expressive part of the face. If you highlight them with a little mascara you will achieve that the attention goes directly to them. Or rather, to you.

Currently there are many types of mascara that help you get the look you prefer according to your needs. Types of mascara according to your need: Curve: If your lashes are long, but not too curly, look for a mascara that has a slightly curved brush with longer and thicker bristles in the center. More volume: Check that the brush of your mascara has thick bristles. Lengthen: Getting long eyelashes depends more on the application of the mascara than on its formula. 4 Simple steps to have seductive eyelashes: 1. Curl your eyelashes. 2. Start applying the mascara from the root to the tip of the lashes making a zigzag movement. 3. When you reach the tip of the eyelashes turn the brush to make them longer. 4. Ready! (Do not apply excess mascara)

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