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10 Steps For a Natural Makeup

How to achieve a perfect makeup?

For a woman it is very important to look fresh and youthful, but how to achieve a natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful? You only need to know some tricks to achieve a perfect image in a short time.

It is very important to use good quality basic products and special brushes to achieve the desired effect. With these steps you will have a timeless look, that is, you can use it to go to the office or to go out to dinner and achieve beautiful looks.

1.- Creams: To make the makeup stay longer, you must apply a moisturizing cream that provides the necessary moisture to your face and avoid dry skin damaged by the sun.

2.- Moisturizers of color: These creams give you a light coverage of makeup and give softness to your skin.

3.- Foundation: This product should be similar to your skin tone. You can also mix two different colors to achieve perfect coverage.

4.- Eyes: The first or also known as pre-base eye makeup is completely optional. If you apply it correctly, it will fix the shadows better and your makeup will remain intact for a long time. Put a little along the eyelid and extend it to the bone of your eyebrows.

5.- Corrector: Apply only in the areas that need it, that is, in the tear ducts and around the nose. Spread it with light strokes to prevent wrinkles.

6.- Shadows: You only need three natural shades of matte eye shadows: one similar to your skin tone, which you will apply on the entire mobile eyelid, extending it to the brow bone; another of medium color that will shape your eyes, apply it in the fold in the shape of "V"; and an illuminator in the lacrimal and below the eyebrows.

7.- Mascara for eyelashes: This product is basic to highlight your look, make your lashes longer and thicker so use one that is long lasting (Our recommendation products GrandeLash) You can apply up to two or three layers to make it look natural.

8.- Eyeliner: With a black eyeliner, preferably in pencil, draw small dots on the inside of your upper lashes. With this you emphasize your eyes in a subtle way.

9. - Blush: To make your makeup look natural apply it with a diagonal brush, from the temple to the cheek, so that you simulate a "C"

10.- Lips: For a natural makeup choose light tones or lip balms. Prefer those that are mate or semi mate and that resemble the tone of your skin. Forget about the orange colors, because your teeth will acquire a yellow tone.

Remember that you should carry a compact powder, lipstick and mascara in your bag to touch up your natural makeup at the time you need it. Now he only enjoys these steps and surprises everyone with a clean and beautiful complexion. And you, what other tips do you know to achieve a natural makeup?


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