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The magic Sunscreen reduces skin aging

A recent study offers stronger evidence that frequent use of sunscreen reduces skin aging. The Australian research, a country bathed by the sun, evaluated whether sunscreens really help to curb this effect of radiation. For the study gypsum molds were taken in the upper part of the hands to measure lines and wrinkles, an indication of aging due to the sun. The conclusion was that even people in middle age can begin to apply a sunscreen and not limit their use to the beach or the pool. The study involved 900 participants under 55 years of age who the experts divided into two groups. The first one should be applied blocker constantly. The other group applied it only when it was deemed necessary. After four and a half years of regular use, participants had more youthful hands and 24 percent less skin aging compared to those who used the blocker sporadically. Both young adults and people in middle age benefited from the protection of the blocker, the study concluded.

Healthy and beautiful skin "Reducing aging due to the sun reduces the risk of skin cancer in the long term." Dermatologists recommend the daily use of sunscreen throughout the year, especially in areas exposed constantly as the face, hands, neck and upper chest in women, but they claim that very few people follow these recommendations. Women may have better luck because makeup and moisturizers often come with sunscreen, say experts who, in turn, expect these results to attract attention on the subject.


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