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Tips For Perfect Eyelashes

To have strong eyelashes it is very important to brush them to activate circulation and help their growth. The strong growth of the eyelashes also depends from within, a good diet will help them to be strong and healthy.

Do you want to always have tabs like movie actresses, models or singers? It is not necessary to spend a fortune on beauty treatments. You can enjoy the most beautiful tabs with tricks and homemade tips, more than effective. You will only need some tools and makeup. In this article we show you how you can achieve it:

The eyelashes have the function of highlighting your eyes and have a more sensual and provocative look. There is no doubt that a nice "fan" that moves in a suggestive way can awaken the passion where you go.

Five steps to achieve beautiful eyelashes

1. Put on mascara

This makeup has a lot of influence on your look. Always choose a product of good quality, with natural ingredients to moisturize and care for the eyelashes. It is also recommended that it be easy to remove even if it does not come off immediately. Keep this makeup in a cool and relatively damp place to last longer. Before applying, remember to clean well with a cleansing cream or moisturizer and then rinse with warm water. Dry well and apply a thin layer of mask. Let it dry and then apply the second layer. If you concentrate on the external sector of the upper lashes, you will give more depth to the eyes.

2. Use tweezers to bend the eyelashes

There is no doubt that the curved eyelashes are the most sensual. The tweezers that are responsible for this work are not expensive and the good thing is that the process does not hurt. You just have to keep pressed a few moments and nothing more, take care not to push too hard to prevent them from breaking.

3. Separate the tabs

When you are applying the mask, the tabs tend to join together, forming groups. If the makeup on top is not of good quality, it will leave lumps. To avoid these drawbacks, place the back of a spoon above the eyelashes and repeat by curling upwards. Then, let the mask dry. Next, use a disused old toothbrush or, preferably, a special comb to leave them as you like and avoid lumps that look fatal.

4. Use a brush for eyelashes

When applying the mask and before it dries, place the brush so that they are the desired shape. Another good idea is to do it before applying makeup, but only if the mask is of good quality. In addition, this will help you eliminate the lashes that are detached from the eyelid or under the eye.

5. Take care of your eyelashes always

For more than not the maquilles every day, do not hesitate to keep them in good condition. Never go to sleep without removing the mask. It is also advisable to apply make-up removing creams to remove the dirt of the day, always with a soft cotton. You can apply almond oil to massage the area and moisturize to make them look thicker, stronger and more beautiful. This is because this oil contains nutrients and beneficial vitamins to nourish and moisturize the hair.

Take care of your eyelashes every day remember that the life cycle of the eyelashes is delayed therefore take care of them every day.


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