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6 tricks for your nails to grow faster

Do your nails grow too slowly and the notes brittle or brittle? We have the tricks you need to grow faster.

1. Exercises with your fingers Yes, you read it right. An infallible trick to make the nails grow faster is that the blood flows constantly to the fingers, so it is a good idea to do exercises like using the computer keyboard frequently or simply shrink and stretch your fingers several times in a row and quickly.

2. High protein diet If you notice that your nails grow very slowly and weakened, there may be a lack of protein in your diet. Make the meat, the egg, fish like cod or nuts like peanuts are more present in your diet.

3. Garlic One of the most popular remedies for strengthening and growing nails is rubbing them with a clove of garlic. Leave the garlic on them for about ten minutes and then wash them with water. If we do this for about a week, we will notice the results.

4. Olive oil Another effective home trick for growing nails is to spread them with cotton impregnated with hot water and olive oil. If we repeat this practice several days a week for a couple of weeks we will notice the difference, since olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is very beneficial for the growth of the nails.

5. Orange juice Another effective ally for the growth of the nails is vitamin C, so you can take a bit of the juice of an orange, dip a cotton in it, and then rub your nails with that cotton. Let the juice rest on the nails for 15 minutes and then rinse with water.

6. Let them breathe One mistake we make very often is to wear painted nails all the time. To have healthy and beautiful nails we should let them "breathe" from time to time. So we recommend that, every so often, you remove the nail polish and leave them for a few days.


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