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Discover everything you did not know about hair straighteners

Hair straighteners is a topic that many people talk about today, it has become so popular that many users ask themselves: what are the different types of hair iron? What to choose? How do they work? What technologies do they use? In this article you will learn all about hair straighteners, Do not forget to share!


To start with this article, we must remember that the main source of hair protein is keratin, whose amino acids form chains, applying the proper heat these chains are broken and when cooled we can make these remain in different forms. The hair straighteners provide this heat and the user is responsible for giving the shape that your hair likes.


According to experts, a continuous low temperature is better than a higher temperature for less time. The temperature at which we must regulate the hair iron will depend on each type of hair, its color, state in which it is.

  • There are fixed temperature plates, therefore, without regulator, these plates are programmed for a "standard" temperature but as I said before, we do not always need a standard temperature, so before choosing this type of device, you should make sure of how many degrees it works and if your hair needs them (They usually work at 185º, no more temperature is necessary).

  • On the other hand, the adjustable temperature plates usually start between 130 and 150º and go up to about 230º, this allows adapting the temperature to a very thick hair, very thin, very damaged, to treatments ... it has more possibilities.

  • As a third option are the automatic temperature plates, they work with sensors that carry on the plates, which recognize the quality and condition of our hair and regulate the proper temperature on their own.


Nowadays, the latest technology materials are used to make the hair straighteners better and better:

  • Ceramic: they are the most common and economical in the modern plates between medium and high range, the ceramic is good heat conductor and does not damage the hair at all, on the contrary, it respects it, it is a very durable material, in addition, it expels Negative ions that make the hair curl less.

  • Tourmaline ceramic: Tourmaline is a mineral of the group of silicates with a very complex formula mixed by different elements, with purifying properties and more effective than the previous ones in providing a negative charge to our hair and, therefore, eliminating the static energy Together, they make a perfect mix that also brings a lot of shine.

  • Titanium: Titanium is a very light, resistant chemical element and a very good energy conductor. The hair iron with titanium plates distribute the heat very well, heat up very quickly and leave a perfect result.


Mainly the technology that the hair straighteners use nowadays we could divide them in:

  • Infrared: The infrared color is able to enter the deepest part of the hair without attacking it, although as I have read, there are not many studies or safety that these plates work better or provide better results than the others.

  • Ionic technology: it is the most common. Our hair is usually loaded with positive ions, we need negatives to be bright, loose, without frizz, with life, and ionic technology provides those negative ions.


  • We can find the wide plates, you can smooth or create wide waves. If that will help you if your hair is very abundant, thick or very curly.

  • The stockings, which allow you both to smooth and curl, thanks to its rounded edges make this a very easy and fast task. They are recommended for manes of thickness and average amount of hair.

  • There are also narrow, perfect for creating small curls (also smooth), for fringes, collected, short hair. In this group would also enter the travel plates or mini plates.


  • Fixed plates are those that do not move, are those that are usually found in cheaper hair iron, but each time they are manufactured less.

  • The tilting plates move adapting to each strand, they are much better because we have to make less pressure and it is easier to create waves. You get better results.


  • For dry hair: we saw in the past that the hair straighteners are used with dry hair, however, there are several houses that already have special plates to use wet, use lower temperatures and have several "holes" so that the steam comes out and the hair does not "boil".

In addition to all this, almost all the irons already have the rotating cable to avoid that lie, automatic security shutdown or digital screen.

Here you can find all our models of hair straighteners, click here now!

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