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How To Use GrandeLASH-MD?

How to correctly apply the GradeLASH-MD treatment, this time we give you several tips so you can use the product correctly and your results are more efficient

Grande Lash MD

Tips to use correctly GrandeLASH-MD

  • GrandeLASH-MD is recommended for use at night for the first three months. For some it is easier and less forgetful to use this product in the morning before any normal makeup routine.

  • Before applying, make sure the skin is clean and dry. If you are someone who prefers the morning, please make sure he or she applies GrandeLASH-MD before any moisturizer, primer and make-up.

  • The serum should be applied as a liquid eyeliner, with a single stroke at the base of the upper lash line. One dive is enough for both eyes. Multiple applications or double tips or the use of more than indicated will not give faster results.

  • Do not apply too close to the edge of the eyelid to avoid excess fluid in the eye, which can cause irritation.

  • Remember that the serum should be applied on the skin closest to the eyelashes, not on the real eyelashes.

  • Once applied, wait 1-2 minutes for the product to dry before any other makeup application.

  • After the first three months, they will be the most drastic changes. The frequency of use will go from every day to 2-3 times a week to maintain the results.

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