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6 Ways To Take Care Of Your Hair Daily

Having healthy and shiny hair is usually the dream of every woman. For this to become your reality, we share the secrets that you must apply from today in your hair. From how you dry it to the way you protect it makes the difference when you have the hair of your dreams.

We share these tips to take care of your beautiful hair 1. LAVA WITH TECHNICAL If you have a greasy scalp, you usually suffer in the middle of the day when your hair starts to look too bright and dirty. So that this does not happen to you, wash it with your fingertips in soft movements and in a zig zag fashion (crisscrossing the fingers). In this way, fat production will be reduced and you will have perfect hair for longer. 2. DRY CAREFULLY Even if you do not believe it, drying your hair violently can mistreat it. When leaving the bath, carefully squeeze the tips and remove the excess water with a towel with small pressures. If you shake it remember not to abuse the strength to not hurt your hair. 3. GENTLY DISPLAY To remove the knots we are sometimes too rough. This can cause the tips to open. Avoid this by applying conditioner when you are in the shower from medium to ends and brushing your hair with your fingers. Also, use a wide tooth comb to remove knots more easily. 4. PERIODIC CONDITIONING The dyes and treatments can dry out all your hair. Diminish this impact with ampoules that give it a spectacular shine for a couple of weeks and even apply natural recipes like the mayonnaise mask so that your hair is healthier than ever. The most amazing myths and hair realities 5. INSIDE OUTSIDE Nutritionists comment that vitamin A is very important to strengthen hair and stimulate growth. What foods have it? Fish, dairy and even green vegetables. 6. CARE WITH THE HEAT The iron, tongs and dryer sound like our best friends, but they become lethal weapons for our hair. Use them periodically, take care that your hair is not damp and do not forget to apply a protector before use. After reading (and beginning to apply) all these tips, you will surely have a strong hair full of life.

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