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Ever wonder how to wash your hair the right way?

Have you ever wondered how to wash your hair in the right way? You should. The real reason why your hair looks and feels so good after going to the salon is because the key to happy hair is a well-executed shampoo. There is an incorrect way to wash your hair and affect it until it is completely opaque.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. You wash your hair too often.

Most young women today wash their hair too. "Three times a week is enough for most types of hair." If this seems contradictory, consider this: your hair actually produces more oil when you wash it too often. Then, gracefully washing your hair in the right way can include not washing it at all.

2. You shower with hot water.

As relaxing as a steaming shower can be, exposing its strands to very high temperatures leaves them dry and lifeless.

3. Your shampoo is not suitable for your hair type.

All Shampoo do the same, right? Wrong, say the professionals. As with skin care, it is about identifying your hair type and choosing the most suitable formulation for your needs. If you have oily hair, consider a purifying shampoo and stay away from those that are too moisturizing or moisturizing.

"Just make sure you use it in moderation so your scalp does not dry out."

If your hair is on the other side of the spectrum, that is, dry, choose, on the contrary. Moisturizing and softening formulas will be your surprise. Thick hair also benefits from shampoos with these attributes.

And if your hair is in good condition, a mild shampoo should be your choice.

4. You are not patient with your conditioner.

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to conditioning. Unlike shampoo, it is not a quick massage and rinse. While the product is still in your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to untangle it. You can leave the conditioner and wrap it in a towel, leave five to seven minutes. Waiting for those minutes is the difficult part but the benefits will be great.

5. You are too hard with your post-shower strands.

He may be out of the shower, but his work is not done yet. The way you treat your hair after washing is vital to your health and overall appearance. "After drying with a towel, it is always good to put some kind of protector, especially if you plan to use a hot tool," "Remember, if you plan to use a hot tool, you should never use it on hair that is slightly damp. be completely dry before applying said heat ".

Now that you know these mistakes you can start to take better care of your hair so that it is always spectacular!


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