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Habits that cause hair loss and you did not know

The constant loss of hair is derived from several factors that you may be doing every day and without thinking these habits result in hair loss so use the best Shampoo and Conditioner, also these bad habits would be damaging your scalp and weakening the strength of hair . In this article we discuss the 5 main mistakes that we make and that we can improve to avoid more loss of your beautiful hair that we know you want to keep always radiant. 1. Perform Tight Hairstyles While it is common to make hairstyles fast as it is a tail or a headband, this type of hairstyles cause a constant tension in your scalp and therefore you are crushing the hair without letting it breathe, making it faster falling hair. Our recommendation is to opt for more free hairstyles as it could be to use loose hair. 2. Brush Your Wet Hair When you finish bathing or you have finished washing your hair, it has lost a protective thin layer because the hair is in a sensitive state due to the cleanliness and properties of the applied Shampoo, it is also an important factor in the water temperature we are using. Therefore, wet combing could be the worst mistake, ideally dry it gently and then brush it. 3. Bathe With Very Hot Water In this world of options many people like to use cold water to bathe and many people use hot water, but do not believe it. Hot water is one of the biggest killers of your hair, using too hot water is able to weaken the hair , producing its fall. If it is not so cold you could think to change the hot water for cold water and give more life to your hair. 4. Bad Food This part is essential if you do not feed yourself properly, no matter what products you buy to have strong and healthy hair, because the nutrients for this to be possible are acquired through a balanced diet. 5. Use Alcohol Products This substance causes your hair to weaken and cause serious damage to your hair, leaving it without body and weakening it. Therefore you have to be aware of the components of the lotions and products you use for your hair.


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