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How to show a beautiful young face

The face is the reflection of our soul, that is why it is important to keep it clean and hydrated to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and always look radiant. When we see ourselves in the mirror, we pay attention to our eyes, the corners of the lips and the chin to see how many wrinkles or flaccidity we have.

To show off a beautiful young face, you need to invest only a little of your time, we present some recommendations for you to take care of and prolong your youthful expression. 1. Clean. To cleanse your skin of impurities, you should do it with warm water and a mild soap; When distributing in soap, massage your forehead, cheeks, beard and chin with the tips of your fingers until forming a delicate layer of foam, leave it for 10 seconds and rinse. 2. Exfoliate. Your skin may look lack of shine and this may be due to a layer of dead cells which you must eliminate with a good exfoliation. You can make one in a cacera way by grinding half a carrot with a little cream for the face, apply it on your face for 15 minutes, massage with circular movements and remove with warm water. Remember that the exfoliation should be done once a month. 3. Hydrate. As a beauty routine, use creams with hyaluronic acid, as it creates a protective barrier on the skin that strengthens the natural barrier and prevents the loss of moisture. Apply it by gently massaging also in circles across your face.

4. Protect. Take care of your skin from the inclemencies of the sun and protect it from ultraviolet rays. Specialists recommend using creams with sun protection factor 20. 5. Make yourself up. To look spectacular, just use a little light makeup and lip gloss if you're going out for the day, or a little more loaded if you have an appointment at night with your partner. Remember that a balanced diet, exercise and good habits help keep all our organs in good condition and above all, our skin the largest organ of the human being.


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