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The evolution of the concept of feminine beauty

Beauty, that abstract notion that can be attributed to almost anything capable of provoking sensory, intellectual or spiritual pleasure. That said, anything that stimulates us and is blissful before our eyes, can be considered beauty. But it will always be a personal and non-transferable beauty only applicable to the eye that contemplates it. And for that reason, perhaps, different bodies exist and have been created, human figures of different sizes and styles to satisfy all of us. Because colors are for tastes. That's why we say that all women are beautiful because their different characteristics make them perfect for every taste. And while women are told all the time that we love ourselves, at the same time society molds the female body at will, being extremely difficult to go to the beat. Because the truth is that there should not be a compass, nor should we let ourselves be carried away by it. There are thinner arms, thicker, narrow hips, wider, short legs, long legs and breasts of all sizes, so no matter how much society imposes its ideal of female body, we believe that it will never succeed. In short, feminine beauty is only a stereotype that society and humanity have imposed, the truth is that all women are perfect and amate as you are.


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