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The importance of makeup in Women

The skin of the woman is a little clearer than that of the man, independently of the race, but neither the eyes nor the lips are it, so to make up the face achieves the effect of creating even more contrast and, therefore, giving a more feminine appearance to the face. In Egyptian painting, from the time of the pharaohs, the distinction of sexes according to the color of the skin is dramatic. This feminizing effect makes the woman more attractive. On the other hand, with aging, contrast is lost: the lips become pale, the amount of hair on the face and on the head diminishes, the color of the hair and the eyebrows becomes lighter, the lashes fall off and the skin darkens a bit. Wrinkles are an important key to assign an old age to a subject, but there are other subtle and important keys as mentioned.

Women and makeup a perfect combination

Most women get used to wearing makeup. It helps them look more beautiful and beautiful, the result is an increase in self-esteem.

Makeup is one of the most wonderful tools to increase your beauty, disguise the imperfections of the face and play a very important role in personal care.Almost all women worry about looking better to make a good impression on others.

Makeup is the definitive complement that helps the woman look more striking without forgetting the elegance.

A poorly executed makeup can be a double-edged sword and make you look bad.When you have dark circles, scars, pimples, or spots on the skin of the face, makeup is the perfect ally to help disguise them and make the skin look better.

The makeup helps you to accentuate the features of the face and give it more life and color. In this way your beauty will be accentuated.Make-up is very important because it can change the way others see women.

The makeup accentuates your natural beauty of the woman.Nowadays, in many psychological support programs, makeup is being used as a very positive therapy with self-makeup workshops.

When you are going through times of worry, low esteem, etc., the simple act of fixing your face and hair a little will immediately change your mood.


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